About Hopsan

HOPSAN, a brand with a mission

HOPSAN was born in the agricultural area called Betuwe in Holland, 

where the people are said to have their feet in the earth.

My inspiration therefore comes from nature and is the ethical 

foundation of Hopsan.

Sustainability is the primary focus: respect for nature, 

reducing waste and to teach children about nature and 

where things come from.

comment from one of our customers : HOPSAN is a retailers dream!
The collections are build very efficient, coming and next seasons do merge fluently into each other to avoid unnecessary sales and overstock. 
We can deliver from stock, so no need to order one year in advance.
The collection is easy to present; everything within the collection can be cross merchandised making it simple and green.
Everything can be seen in a trendy, superior quality collection for babies from 0-2 years.